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Corporate & Events

Corporate & Events

Flowers have the power to heighten aesthetic value to its surroundings. Stimulating the mind and emotions of the viewer. Done right it can offer a subliminal sense of prestige to customers, staff, the physical space and your product/service. We at PM Flowers are conscious of this.


We provide an exceptional service in accommodating to the requirements of businesses. Ensuring the flowers are fresh with longevity and complement the spirit of your workplace. We do B2B with offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and many other businesses in central London, all with different allowances. These requirements range from reception to meeting room arrangements, small dining table arrangements, office plants and even exceptional bouquets to members of staff.


From weddings, intimate dinner parties, product launches, editorial shoots, advertising campaigns, as well as TV set design and more, our talented team are able to create your floral vision be it a private home or a lavish venue in London.

If you would like further details please contact us on +44(0)20 7723 4683 or email us to schedule a consultation